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Reinventing ANPR camera company, championing superior products and emphasising refreshed customer service.

  • App Design/Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Experience Strategy
  • Interactive Experience
  • Style Guide
  • Ui/Ux Design
  • Website Design/Development

MAV Systems are a specialist Automatic Number Plate Recognition and surveillance camera technology provider. They are recognised as one of the most advanced independent ANPR camera suppliers to users worldwide

The Challenge

MAV Systems were looking to improve in two key areas; one, to reinvent themselves after they had received, feedback that their after market support had been damaging the companies reputation.
And two, to create a polished visual identity to further push their brand position as world leader in ANPR Technology.


We started with refinement of the old branding and brought it up-to-date so it is now stronger and works at any scale. Adjusting the hue of the colour palette delivers a more technical punch complimented this darker tones brings a hint of premium.

We designed and developed a brand new website that focused around the cameras themselves, where the quality, detail and technical capabilities of each camera are highlighted in interactive and engaging ways.

To wrap up on bringing excellent aftercare support for customers, we crated a mobile app which helps technicians install cameras, customers to report issues, and holds easy to access libraries of information relevant to the users traffic system.


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