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A digital showcase for Gloucester based video production company.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Interactive Experience
  • Style Guide
  • Ui/Ux Design
  • Website Design/Development

Bexmedia, are a Video production company that is always pushing boundaries to create outstanding films and animations.

The Challenge

We’ve worked with Bexmedia for a number of years, in fact we created their first website back in 2015.
So when Bexmedia approached us to bring their visual identity inline with their brand position as one of the most creative and technical minded video production companies in the UK. We jumped at the opportunity to flex how far our capabilities have come after 7 years.


The lions share of improvement came with showing off Bexmedia’s services and quality throughout there site, the 3D models and videos used on there are all an extension of Bexmedia’s portfolio before users have even landed on a project page. Along side a shiny, all singing, all dancing site, we also created a host of documents to bring the best of Bex to the table every time they interact with clients.

Bexmedia are a video production company with specialisms in motion graphics and 3D, so they know the importance of quality visuals and clarity of focus.

The project they discussed with us started, not as a fully formed project framework, but as a seed of an idea. Like many of our clients, they had a vision of what they wanted, the experience that they wanted to provide visitors to their site without knowing exactly how to achieve it. This is how we are different from most web designers; we offer the opportunity for collaboration toward a shared end goal rather than an inflexible template that will never quite fit.

Fully responsive interactive design that still runs smoothly on mobile

Using videos on the child pages of the site brings the video portfolio to every touch point throughout the user journey.

Bringing personality to the site shows Bexmedia’s fun side.

Craig Hellen - Bexmedia

“The whole process has been really interesting for one, and a very collaborative process as well. We were able to throw ideas around, nothing’s off the table, and they really pull out all the stops for getting something really interesting done”

Helping Bexmedia to seal the deal

A multi-use proposal and treatment template that continues Bexmedia’s visual style.

Craig Hellen - Bexmedia

“Go and have a chat with Penn Studio because they will bring fresh ideas, they will bring their experience. We work with a lot of different types of creative people and technical people in the work that we do but it’s very rare to get a mix of both in the same team but that is what Penn Studio has and they deliver some fantastic results. That’s my experience and it should be mentioned that because of that experience we also refer clients to Penn Studio as well.”

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